young producers

Digital support for the Kensington Narrators launch was provided by local arts youth platform FerArts CIC, a local artist-led collective comprised of young and emerging socially engaged creatives from diverse communities. Based in Ladbroke Grove, they remain a core community partner for the Kensington Narrators Arts & Heritage Archive project.

This collaboration led to partnerships and activities with the Museum of London, Guap Studios, Black in the Day, Youth Culture Museum, & YouTube.

content creation

Local youth have collaborated on the Kensington Narrators project by engaging in workshops covering podcasting, archiving, documenting and photography -- all introducing the principles of modern archiving, collecting stories and oral history.  Over 200 local young people have been reached through this programming, allowing them to build networks and learn about archiving through visits to physical archives; talks with archivists, historians, and photographers; and exhibitions and workshops which have explored contemporary and youth-friendly channels of preserving stories and oral history. 

FerArts young producers also led on the creative direction of the project; they were engaged to build this website, and create the brand identity through graphics, web design and animation. The 15 local young producers have all gained advanced technical skills that can be transferred into a skill set for increased employability. 


The young producers have created concept boards, launch and press material, videos, animations, visual content and digital art that encapsulates the Kensington Narrators ethos through visual and audio development. Following are examples of what local young producers have been working on over the first year of The Kensington Narrators Art & Heritage Archive project!

FerArts was engaged to create this animation to illustrate the archive process -- to provide greater accessibility, and to encourage diverse contributors to the project.


This collection of images showcases the FerArts team hard at work, developing the website and attending workshops relating to the Kensington Narrators project:

youtube podcast workshop

The group visited YouTube Space London and had a tour provided by local Ladbroke Grove resident Luke Hyams, head of Originals for YouTube. We watched the live Q&A for Rocket Man, and got to meet Dave Mogendorff, head of artist relations for YouTube Music

YouTube Space London

introduction to collection x guap mag

When we visited GUAP magazine, we viewed their podcasting room and heard talks by young pioneers about their process collecting information. 

introduction to museum of london

The next session comprised of visiting the West London archive inside of the Museum of London.

social archive party + glory exhibition

Black in the Day held a social archive party - where they encourage people to submit content to their own archive - and exhibition 'Glory' at Nike 1948. We had the chance to view slide images from Getty Images, alongside photographic prints depitcing black athletic history.

local collections workshop

This workshop helped the people involved to understand documentation skills in terms of collecting and taking photographs of their enviroment.

photography with eddie otchere

Young producers met with Magnum photographer Eddie Otchere, in colloboration with the Museum of London's 'Curating London' project; they experienced a portrait masterclass, and developed photographs in a darkroom.