Video Postcard: Voices of Inspiration

A short film by JC Kamau; featuring images and voices from a street fair organized by the founders of Voices of Inspiration.


Transcript follows:


My name is Nigel, I'm the cofounder of the West London Community Consortium, and we founded this project on the basis that there's a lot of young people in the demographic area of North Kensington, just outside Grenfell, experiencing post-traumatic stress, and in some cases suicide. And in some cases they're not connecting to get clinical support, where they could engage with the NHS and different practitioners. So this project came out directly as a result of supporting these young people, and giving them information, and giving them guidance, and giving them opportunites to engage with the practitioners and the organizations who have an interest in working in the community but people don't know who they are.


Hi, my name's Mark. It started as an opportunity for everyone to come together for the community, so nobody is left out, everyone's included, and it's also platforms for people who are offering services for anything, basically, it's all organizations together in one place. It's basically because people are offering services that maybe a lot of people don't know about... to give them a chance to chat one-on-one and they can find information. Which is very useful for everyone. People like NHS are here, they have a really good smoothie bike where you pedal and make smoothies, which is fantastic, so the kids love it, and at the same time they're being exposed to what they offer. And that's what we're doing - we're basically looking to get as many people involved - so the more people that have stalls, and the more services that are represented, then the more the community has access to what's available to them. And the thing is it's a fun way. So they get to have a fun day out, and also, hopefully, they find services that could be of use, like NHS brings counseling in all sorts of areas, that they might be uncomfortable speaking to someone, and here's it relaxed and comfortable, so they can have some food, have a chat, and it hopefully will open doors to people's awareness of what is to offer.


I'd like to say anybody who's interested in becoming part of what we do, please contact us -- we're here to support becoming a team, we're not going promoting any particular organization, we want to promote one voice, which is just the Voices of Inspiration voice.